Special solutions and references

Special projects, furniture, metal restoration and more

We do everything that our mind and hands can do

We have been approached with various projects, from the manufacture of a bench to the restoration of several tens of meters of metal sculpture.


What we have proudly prepared:

Container base frame
Swedish military tent oven
Stair railings
Metal lattice walls
Industrial sliding door

Products to be ordered (ask for availability, delivery time up to 2 weeks)

Metal trestle
Metal shelf
Aquarium frame


Warm profile door
Cold profile door
Copper-plated front door

Creative projects

Arvo Kruusement's honorary bench
Details of Arvo Kruusement's honor bench
Suunaviit Kadrinas
Direction sign in Kadrina
The beginning of restoration work at Rumba Patsa
Metal sauna

To implement a special project:​