Metal structures

Steel structures, fences, gates of buildings/houses

Metal structures

Metal structures are mainly made of steel and other metals. They are strong and durable and allow you to create open spaces without middle supports. In addition, metal constructions are environmentally friendly because they can be recycled. You can get all metal structures from us. We bend, cut, stamp, paint and manufacture various metal constructions. Feel free to ask for a suitable solution!

About the product


Steel poles, beams, frames, platforms, trusses, stair railings, handrails, spiral staircases, sliding gates (with automation), turning gates (with automation).


  • ISO1090-2018 EXC2
  • EN ISO 3834-3
  • Kvaliteedijuhtimine: ISO9001:2015

Keevitajate sertifikaadid:

  • ISO9606-1 135 P BW FM1 S s12,0 PF ss nb
  • ISO9606-1 135 P FW FM1 S t10,0 PF ml
  • ISO9606-1 136 P BW FM5 R s12,0 PC bs
  • ISO9606-1 136 P FW FM5 R t10,0 PB ml
  • ISO9606-1 135 P BW FM1 S s8,0 PF ss nb

Finishing levels, environmental classes

  • “Non-finished steel
  • C1/C2 Primed steel
  • C3/C4 Zinc primer coated, polyurethane powder coated steel
  • C3H Hot dip galvanized steel
  • C4/C5-M Hot dip galvanized, polyurethane coated steel”

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