Cold panel doors, windows, partitions

Exterior doors, exterior windows, glass walls

Cold panel doors, windows, partitions

Cold panels, windows and partitions are traditionally made of glass or metal because they are resistant to cold and moisture and provide an energy-efficient environment. That’s why our panel doors, windows and partitions are made of RP Fineline panel. The ultra-thin RP fineline paves the way for forward-looking steel window, door and partition designs.

About the product

Panel type

RP Fineline

Panel depth


Panel width

From 45 mm

Dimensions of the frame

Minimum dimensions: Depending on the size of the opening

Maximum dimensions: According to the size of the opening


Welded hinges with the length of 180mm, quantity: 3pcs per door leaf

The standard set of panel doors includes:

  • “Abloy LC302 Lock core*
  • Core Assa1301, cylinder covers
  • Strike produced by BREK OÜ
  • Assa Forum 4 analog chrome handle
  • Stainless steel threshold
  • Glass: 3k bright
    *The lock kit can be replaced according to the customer’s request.”


  • “Inner and outer perimeter casings
  • Stainless steel impact plate
  • Door closer
  • Quick latch for opening the passive side of a double sided door
  • Descending sill
  • Bristle seal sill
  • Transport
  • Installation
  • Maintenance”


  • “Wind load (EN 12210): ≤C5 / B5
  • Air permeability (EN12207): ≤4
  • Water resistance (EN 12208): ≤E900
  • Shock resistance (EN 13049): 1
  • Thermal transmittance (EN ISO 10077-1): Uf ≥ 1.7 W/m²K
  • Sound insulation (EN ISO 10140): ≤ 44dB
  • Mechanical performance: complying with CW / TC 2 / A”

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