Front doors

Interior and exterior metal doors for apartments, private houses, public buildings, industrial premises

Front doors

The front door is an important part of the exterior and security design of any house. They create a first impression of the house and create a first contact for guests. That’s why it’s important to choose a door that fits both the house and the surrounding environment. We will help you choose a suitable door for your building with the necessary accessories and install it professionally and with high quality.

About the product

Dimensions of the frame

Minimum dimensions: Depending on the size of the opening

Maximum dimensions: According to the size of the opening

Door bath

1.25 mm steel sheet

Door leaf

2.0 mm steel sheet

Door frame

2.0 mm steel sheet


Welded hinges with the length of 180mm, quantity: 3pcs per door leaf

Door core

Stone wool, tube frame


Interior doors: polyester powder coating according to RAL/RR color catalogue

Exterior doors: zinc primer powder coating, polyester powder coating according to RAL/RR color catalogue

The standard set of flush metal doors includes:

  • “Assa 565 Lock core*
  • Assa Analog cylinder kit (3 keys), including thumb turn
  • Cylinder covers
  • Striking plate: Brek OÜ production
  • Habo A635 handle set chrome plated
  • Stainless steel door sill

    *The lock set can be replaced according to the customer’s request.”


  • “Inner and outer perimeter casings
  • Peep hole
  • Stainless impact plate
  • Safety lock
  • Door latch
  • Glass: 2k
  • Quick latch for opening the passive side of a double sided door
  • Transport
  • Installation
  • Maintenance”

Do you want to feel the security that our doors offer?

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