Interior-exterior doors

Range of use: public buildings, industrial premises, private houses, apartments inner and outer doors

Additional information: The steel doors have an improved sound and heat insulation capacity. Noise insulation up to36dB.

Structure: The content of the box includes a durably shaped tube frame, which structure makes the door durable to heavy mechanical impact and the heat and sound insulation systems ensure a comfortable micro climate in the room.

Additional equipment: door eye, safety lock, gear lock, locking cores, door handle, stainless steel threshold, moldings for door frames, door closure, stainless steel foot-stain

Range of use: Interior doors are meant for filling openings of different types of rooms.

Structure: Depending on the purpose of the room it is possible to make doors according to specified criteria.

Range of use: Public buildings , special premises, offices, administrative and special rooms, dwellings, apartmets

Fire classification: EI30, EI60

Structure: Final elaboration with powder coating, which range of tones is available in RAL catalogue. Fire-resistant doors have passed the required testing procedure and have corresponding certificates.

Range of use: houses, apartments, dwellings, offices, milieu valuable areas, closed rooms separated from humidity

Description: Laminated doors are very durable, have good sound and heat insulation, are durable to mechanical impact, stand chemicals used in households and UV-radiation (laminate surfaces do not fade in the sun).
In addition, the doors have an attractive appearance, which can be matched with the milieu of the buildings  lasting for years.

Appearance: We provide a wide range of textures (mostly imitations of natural timber) and tones.

Coldprofile steel doors:

Range of use: offices, business centers, schools, apartments, hotels, hospitals and other buildings.

Description: Doors with hinges constructed for filling openings inside the buildings, sliding doors, parts of partitions and parts of the window.

Structures: Structures are made by applying the profile systems of Stalprofil.  Profile systems of Stalprofil are in conformity with the sound insulation, heat insulation and burglary-proof protection of the European  standards.

Heat-resistant profile doors:

Range of use: offices, business centers, apartments, hotels, hospitals, airports, sports centers, other public buildings and industrial premises

Description: Steel doors for interior and exterior rooms for special facade-types and other milieu-important walls.Warm profile constructions are in conformity with the requirements established to such features as fire-resistance, burglary resistance, smoke resistance and gas resistance and hygiene requirements established in hospitals and sterile rooms.

Range of use: interior and exterior use

Structure: The structural depth of frames and sheets made of aluminum profile is 78 mm. The system comprises 35 mm wide heat insulation washers. The three-chamber aluminum system and additional reinforced elements enable to produce large constructions.

Fire-resistance classification: EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60

Range of use: Sliding doors can be used for closing openings in small rooms.

Additional information: The installation is easy in buildings finished or under construction yet.
All interfaces are installed on a frame construction, which means that the area round the door opening needs no reinforcement. Identical door frames are placed on one or both sides of the opening irrespective of the thickness of the wall, materials used and the choice of colors.
Thanks to its material and design the door is durable and easily maintained.

Sliding doors ULP40
Installed in a damp environment and rooms with strict requirements established to hygiene and durability. The thickness is 40 mm.

Sliding doors ULP 80
Mostly meant for the use in cold stores. Thickness is 80 mm.

Sliding doors ULP120
For refrigerators and cool storage rooms
The thickness of doors is 120 mm.

Range of use: Prison, Banks, Archives, Border Guards, Police, Ministries etc bullet proof doors and windows

Protection class: FB3, FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7

Additional Information:

Elevator doors

Range of use: apartment buildings, houses under heritage protection, for public use, freight elevators etc.

Construction: The main production in this area is made manually and elaborated in detail. We have capability to manufacture identical copies of the existing elevator doors, which restoration is not reasonable. For example: elevator shafts and doors of the buildings under national heritage protection.

Additional information: With or without projection or automatics solutions

Gate systems

Sliding gates:

Range of use: private houses, on the territories of industrial complexes and storehouses, or in areas with high traffic density.

Purpose: A sliding gate is comfortable for use in case of limited space and have an aesthetic appearance.

Additional information: A sliding gate can be ordered with a supplied automated or a manually opened system. Sliding doors are made according to individual sizes and projects.

Fire resistant gate-type openings:

Range of use: Fire-resistant gates are mainly used in flammable rooms, in which the automated solution closes doors only in case of fire, administration buildings, hospitals, warehouses, industrial complexes and power stations.

Construction: The construction of fire-proof gates are similar to traditional gates; however, the used materials are different. Fire-proof gates can be made according to the type and peculiarity of the building.

Fire classification: In conformity with fire-resilience certificate EI 30 and EI 60.

Metal furniture

Range of use: We manufacture metal furniture on project basis for schools, public building and custom made furniture for homes.

Product range:

  • metal benches kits and project basis solutions

  • bed frames

  • chairs, chair legs

  • table frames

  • desks

  • metal wardrobes


Products under construction industry: 

  • Armature cutting, bending

  • Edging of roof sheets

  • Making of metal structures

  • Making of thalluses

  • Raps, posts, beams, metal stairs, handrails etc

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